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Putting The Fun Into Children`s Bedrooms

Tuesday, October 10th 2017 11:35am

For most of us we want to make our children`s bedrooms a fun and colourful place for them to hang out and relax in, but still keep them looking cool and stylish. You want them to be both fun and functional, a room they can really enjoy being in but also be somewhere they can work when they need to.

It is not an easy task ensuring that their bedroom fits in aesthetically with the rest of the home but at the same time creating that sense of wonder that will keep your child`s mind active and in tune with the room. Where adults go for the safer option, children like to be brave and bold, so it is important to incorporate this into the design of their bedroom. As adults we can become too serious and po-faced at times, so it is sometimes good for us to open our mind and let it take us back to our childhood.

Interesting Bedroom Designs For Kids

Bedroom Designs For Children

There are all sorts of interesting overall designs you can go for, from using comic wallpaper, to the the modern monochrome style to the classic nursery feel. You can add all sorts of elements to a child`s room, for instance a fireman`s pole has been used in the past and try to incorporate little hiding places in the room where they can go when they want to be on their own.

You can have sleepover beds with ladders to access them, crazy designs on the ceiling to fire the imagination, funky pieces of furniture with lots of cupboards and drawers to use, high reading spaces for them to go to and read their books and comics.

Plenty Of Accessible Storage Options

We also find that lots of easily accessible storage for kids to use in their bedroom is key so they can store all their toys and games etc. This way the room will not become too cluttered and untidy.

It is worth thinking about bringing your child into the design process. You often find that children have a great awareness of space and design, and they love being involved in the process as it makes them feel like it is really their own and they can then identify with the room even more. If you ask them what their favourite colours are, their interests are and ask what details they would like to see in the room it gives them a good insight into design and decoration which will stand them in good stead in later years.

If you are looking to design a child`s bedroom, or any other bedroom in the home, why not give us a call for a no obligation chat on 028 3884 9933.

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