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Interesting Design Trends In The Kitchen & Bedroom

Wednesday, January 24th 2018 8:18pm

We read a very interesting article in the Independent the other day which was looking at `The Top Interior Design Trends For Millennials` and there were some that concerned the kitchen and bedroom areas which we thought would be good to share with you.

So without further ado here are some snippets from the article below, however if you would like to read the full blown article you can do so by clicking on the following link: Latest Design Trends

Barn Doors On Master Bedroom

Bedroom Design Trends`Barn doors (on the master bedroom) seem to crop up more and more often in new or remodelled homes, sometimes as sliding doors to define spaces but allowing them to be entirely open and other times in smaller iterations such as a closet or pantry door.

"Farmhouse sinks and mix-and-match faucet handles were everywhere at the Kitchen and Bath show,"

"It's definitely a trend to combine reclaimed wood with a contemporary steel frame," Walter says. "It's an interesting play between old and new. People like contemporary lines, but they want the warmth of bringing in an older element into their home, especially the kitchen where people have an emotional connection with their childhood kitchen."

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

"The most popular colour schemes in the kitchen right now are dark cabinets with a light counter top," Procopio says. "At the Kitchen and Bath show, they were showing bright green and blue cabinets, but most people are sticking with standard colour palettes."

"One client has a house with a very simple, clean white kitchen but with a bright yellow oven, but that's very unusual," Walter says. She says she's seeing more use of warm colours in the kitchen such as olive green and different shades of beige in combination with wood.

Handmade items or artistic features bring in an element of personalisation that appeals to many millennials,

Clean Looking Kitchen

Kitchen Design Trends"In homes with an open floor plan, a lot of buyers want an extremely clean-looking kitchen with less visible sinks, faucets and appliances," Walter says. "Most appliances in these homes are fully integrated and look built-in. Part of having an open kitchen is treating that area like furniture so that you have an overall connection with the living area."

Another innovation that keeps your kitchen looking less cluttered is the installation of an electrical outlet strip hidden under your cabinets that includes USB ports as well as standard outlets,`

Hope you enjoyed these ideas, for more information on kitchen and bedroom designs why not give us a call here at The Design Studio on 028 3884 9933.


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