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It`s All White For Children`s Bedrooms

Friday, April 6th 2018 1:31pm

Recent research has shown that white is now the most popular colour for a child`s bedroom, leaving the traditional pink and blue colours well behind. This is probably no surprise as the overall trend is for much more neutral colours than before, leaving more room to add dashes of colour with the accessories in the room.

White The Dominant Colour

Child`s Bedroom DesignThe research found that of all the parents who participated in the study nearly half of them said that white was the dominant colour in their kids bedroom, coming in front of blue, followed by grey (another very neutral colour) and then finally pink.

Themes in a child`s bedroom are a very hot topic at the present time too. Parents are keen to add themes such as nature or animal inspired themes, to stimulate their child and personalise their bedroom space to fit into their interests and hobbies. They want to add a dash of style to their child`s bedroom but also make it durable so that they don`t have to be continually updating and renovating it.

Creating A Neutral Base For The Bedroom

If you have quite a young child it is always good to design the bedroom thinking about what is of interest to them but also with half an eye on the future. Children grow up very quickly as we all aware of, so if you have a neutral base to the bedroom this will be fine for them as they grow up and you can then just make changes to accessories such as rugs, pictures, curtains and duvets etc.

There is no doubt that many parents are prioritising their children`s bedrooms and are looking to make it a space for them where they can both relax and enjoy their time there. If you are looking to redesign your child`s bedroom, or the master bedroom, then at The Design Studio we can give you expert advice on the matter. For a no obligation chat please give us a call on 028 3884 9933 and we will be glad to talk to you.

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