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Bedroom Design For Teenagers

Thursday, August 30th 2018 9:28pm

You may think that the big furniture companies and interior designers pay little attention to teenagers when it comes to bedroom design but this is actually far from the truth. For although teenagers don`t have a great deal of spending power (and even if they did you suspect they wouldn`t spend it on bedroom funiture) they do hold a great deal of sway when it comes to their parents choosing what to buy.

Adolescent Furniture Lines

Teenage Bedroom DesignsSome of the larger companies actually run adolescent furniture lines and with great success too, and they take great care in having designs that appeal to the teenage market. There is a wide array of options out there to cater for teens who often have very strong opinions of exactly what they want in their bedroom.

It is probably true for a large percentage of us that we spent more time in the bedroom when we were teenagers than at any other time in our lives. This is not to say that they spend all of their time in bed which would be patronising in the extreme, but they often enjoy their own space in the home where they can watch the TV channels they want to, relax and hang out with friends, do their homework, play games and generally goof around.

Incorporating A Desk In The Bedroom

And on the subject of homework it is a fine idea to find space to incorporate a desk in their bedroom as this gives them a place and encourages them to get their school or college work done.

People often go for neutral colours in a teenagers bedroom with good cause. Teenagers choice of decor can often change like the wind so it is a safe and wise option to go for neutral. If you do paint the walls white for instance a teenager can then accessorise if they wish with pictures and posters etc.

A Love Of Bold, Bright Colours

However if a teenager really loves bold, bright colours then I would definitely go for it and give them what they want. It is well documented that bright and vibrant colours can enhance the mood of people and so if your teenager can gain something positive from this then why not keep them happy. Better this than dark and gloomy colours.

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